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I've just finished updating my next "Writing for the Web" presentation, a 3 hour run in February for Academic Impressions. The session description is at 

One section in the presentation highlights the virtues of employing people with direct marketing copywriting backgrounds to write for your website or to show others using your CMS how to best add new web content. And that took me back to a long series of tips from direct marketer Nick Usborne at his Excess Voice website.

If you're already a convert to direct marketing style or if you're open to conversion, then visit Nick's tips at The 39 vary in length and substance but all are easy to read and you can quickly scan the full list of titles for what most interests you.

From reviewing as many college and university websites as I do, three really stand out:

Title pages (Follow these tips and you are very likely to increase your search engine visibility.)

Landing pages (A reminder to focus clearly on the single action you want people coming to this page from your ad to take when they arrive. If you're disappointed with website conversions from advertising or "search" efforts, this is a "must read and remember" item.)

Long copy (Every direct marketer knows that long copy isn't bad copy... only boring copy is bad copy. If you struggle about the best way to present information, be sure to read this one.)

You'll no doubt find other personal favorites here. Read well and write well. Your website visitors will thank you for it by spending more time on your website.

Exploring CMS software for your campus? Teach people to write well.

I had an email from someone recently reporting that the new web person at his college was happy. A new CMS had just been installed and the web leader expected that all would be well now in the world of new web content. But will it? How is that content going to be written and presented on the website? A CMS can be a great tool in the hands of someone how knows how write for the web. Or it can be a disaster in the hand of those who don't.

Can people on your campus use help in writing better web content?

Contact me at bob@bobjohnsonconsulting to bring a Writing Right for Web seminar to your campus. In a half-day session, we'll raise the skill level of everyone who attends and get them off to a fine start on making your web world a much friendlier place to visit.

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