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This posting today comes from Dan Lewis at SUNY Plattshburgh for the Web Editor position that's existed for several years at that school.

The Web Editor oversees site design and content development on a daily operational level, and evaluates readiness for publication.

The Editor's principal responsibilities require him to:

    1. Assist campus stakeholders in building effective and strategic web sites, enhancing the look, content and user-orientations that the Web demands, and editing their proposed Web material to ensure greatest user satisfaction
    2. Work closely with the Director of Marketing primarily to
      1. use the Web for building personalized, integrated, and strategic relationships between the college and external constituents;
      2. support recruitment;
      3. maintain a consistent image/identity representation for the college; and advance the greater strategic initiatives of Plattsburgh State.
    3. Work closely with Computing and Media Services staff, particularly the Web System Administrator

"Content Providers" who work with Web Editors

You can also visit where you'll find "Roles and Responsibilities in the Web Development Process" for "Content Providers" and how those people relate to the Web Editor. Many of you will find useful info here to help you on your own campus.

Dan's email address is if you want to ask questions about the Plattsburgh experience over the past several years.

Sitting in the New Orleans airport this morning after 3.5 hours of web writing tutorial at the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education. On to Chicago soon and a Friday web writing presentation at Carol Aslanian's workshop in Internet Marketing.

In betrween the presentations, here is a story sent along from Kristeen Bullwinkle, web content manager at the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota. She tells the tale of evolving responsibilities and changing administrative locations. People often ask questions about this at the web writing presentations. Best to hear the answers direct from those in the positions.

I'll continue to post as many like this as I can. Together we'll build an information bank that should help many of you move things at your college or university in the right direction.

Here's what Kristeen has to say:

"My job title and description has changed a bit, but I took this job because the college understood that the Web was a communication function back in the spring of 1999. I was housed in IT but reported to Communications. Now I'm housed in Communications.

I think my first title was Web communications specialist, then Web manager, and now Web content manager. IT has been taking over more and more of my functions as we now touch over 3,000 pages. I no longer worry about meeting ADA requirements, coding, running the search engine, or running the stats program.

My goals when I began are the same ones I still have. Make it accurate, up-to-date, and complete. I've never had time to worry about much more than that. We're hiring another Web editor just for student services and will soon be looking for a writer who will be working for the Web as well as print."

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